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While we don't get to compete in performance much any more, we have spent years competing in obedience, agility, rally and field trials.  Our first Papillon, Oreo, excelled in anything you asked her to do.  Oreo is now retired and living the retired life in Springfield, OH.

We have placed several papillons in performance homes and believe a performance papillon must be more than just a papillon who is not able to be successful in the conformation ring.  We believe a performance papillon must have excellent structure, solid drive and attentiveness to be successful in the various canine performance events available to exhibitors.    


Below are some pictures of papillons we have placed in performance homes.


Forrest, above is owned by the Bedrosians, and is being trained in conformation, agility and pet therapy.  This incredibly talented family has already made incredible progress with this puppy - we are so excited to follow them!


Finnick, or the "Flying Finny", is owned by the incredibly talented Jennifer Panattoni in IL.  At a young age, Jennifer and Finnick have made a wonderful connection and Jennifer has piloted Finnick to some really great wins in Agility.  We cannot wait to see how far this team goes!

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